Escape room home game – the Mafia gang

Escape room home game, the Mafia gang, is the escape room experience for at home! A unique experience full of puzzles and suspense, will you be able to escape? 

Have you ever played a real Escape Room? Then you know how fun and exciting such an Escape Room home game is.

We ourselves are huge fans of playing and escaping from an Escape Room.

We have played an Escape room home game with our group of friends several times now and every time we go home full of adrenaline and a spring in our step.

Trying to get through various rooms on the way to the liberating exit in an hour or sometimes ninety minutes. 

Escape room home game

Afterwards, we evaluate and have fun about what happened, what went wrong and what went right in these rooms. So our challenge was to create our own Escape Room game, but one that can be played at any desired location.

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Creating our own Escape room home game to play at your own location was high on our list. Since we always offer our group games to be played at your own desired location, it was a challenge to develop this game. But we succeeded :). And with great enthusiasm, we can nowoffer the game to you.

Do you have a location where you can (temporarily) use 4 rooms? Then you can transform your location in about 2 hours into your own Escape Room. And play!

Puzzling family with the escape room home game
escape room home game outside

This game is extremely suitable to play at home, but also for example during a weekend away with your family or friends. And what about playing at your workplace? Four rooms (and they don't all have to be connected) and all your colleagues can make a group of 2 to 4 people to enter and solve puzzles to make their way out. Also fun to play during Friday afternoon drinks.

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Escape room home game for children

Especially for children aged 9 to 13, we have two Escape room for children. 

The Pharaoh's treasure
Escape room for kids



Sunday afternoon I finally could play the game (my girlfriend was ill). Together with 3 other couples we had made 4 teams of 2 persons. First 2 ladies´ teams went in, while the men were watching Villa - United. Then the two men's teams. Quite tough, but with the help of the interactive hints (nicely found!) we all managed to escape just within 100 minutes (always round down, right?). Unfortunately, one of the ladies' teams won in 93 minutes. So they will remind us of that for some time. Thanks anyway for this great game and ok, it takes a few hours of preparation but that should not spoil the fun.


On my birthday party, we were taken hostage by the Mafia gang!

Luckily, we managed to escape in time. The escape room was fun! Good manual, varied tasks and easy to set up (also in someone else's house).

Played with two groups simultaneously (men against women) with teenagers and adults. The hints worked well.

Thanks, we had a great time and the evening flew by.


Last week we rented a house for a family weekend away. 

This location and the game were an ideal combination for excitement and sensation. The game went great and also the use of the telephones had a great influence on the experience of the game. People are still talking about it and asking where you can order it.

Thank you, makers of the game for contributing to a successful weekend!!!

Escape Room spel kamer

What is an Escape Room home game?

Not familiar with playing an Escape room? We will quickly explain to you what it entails.

When playing an Escape room home game, you are locked in a room. You search for all kinds of information within the room and try to find a solution with this information. This is usually a code, with which the door can be unlocked. Escape room puzzles require good cooperation and communication with your fellow players. Thinking out loud with each other in order to escapewithin the set time. There are hints in the game that can be used, but.... they involve a time penalty. So it´s up to you to decide whether or not you ask for hints.

The team that finds its way out the quickest is the winner of the game.

Escape room home game the Mafia gang, the story

The most dangerous mafia gang in our country has captured your group and locked them up in a house. They think that your group is a rival gang. You have been blindfolded, thrown into a van and taken to a residence. You also have no idea where you are and the settings of your phones have been changed by the gang members so that they cannot be traced by the police.

Escape room spel cijferslot

Nine of the ten gang members have now been arrested, except for the gang leader. He is on his way to the residence to cover all traces and then to board a plane to a warm and distant place.

But erasing traces doesn't mean much to you. In 100 minutes, the gang leader will come back to kill you. So the only way out is to escape in time. The gang leader has secured the rooms with codes. Can you figure out the codes with all the information you will find in the rooms? This is the only way to escape within 100 minutes.

Will you be able to open the door in time or will a terrifying fate await you?

The role of the game master

This game is best played with a game master but can also be played without. This means that the game leader can also join the game himself.

It is nice to be present during the game as a game master to see your family members, friends or colleagues fanatically at work. Cooperation is important in this game, but does the group work together? Or do they not consult at all? You know the solutions, but will the group find them too?

escape room secret code

Can you read this?

To be able to offer the games as cheaply as possible, all games are offered without a game master from Groepsspellen. Of course, you will always receive a clear script with the game, explaining how you can guide this game yourself.

As said, it is possible to play the game as a moderator. With the preparations and the furnishing of the rooms, it is important not to look too closely at the puzzles beforehand. Just follow the script of the preparations, but do not read the texts. Of course, you have a bit of an advantage because you know that there are 4 rooms and you also know what the teams will find in the rooms. But even so, it will still be challenging enough for you if you to join the game.

The course of the Escape Room home game


As the game master, this game requires a few hours of preparation. If you have all the materials ready, setting up the rooms will not take much time. In the scenario, which you will receive digitally, the preparations are explained step by step. For example, printing out the assignments, cutting out certain items, putting down and hanging up the necessary materials. We also give you tips to make the game as beautiful as you want it to be. We hear from many people that they keep the materials to be able to play the game again. Of course not with the same group, but for example with another group of friends, family or colleagues.

We ourselves have played the game several times with our test teams at our home. We used the living room, the kitchen, a bedroom and the hall. It does not matter where you set up the rooms.

Playing the Escape Room home game

This game consists of 4 rooms, from which the teams must try to escape. You split up your group into groups of 2 to 4 people. There can be 8 people who start the escape room at the same time, the two groups both start in a different room. The total group can (because of the time the game takes) consist of a maximum of 16 people. Do you want to play this game during the weekend, then there is room to play the game with more than 16 persons. And do you have a lot of rooms at your disposal, for example a school or an office? Then you can also make all materials from the game twice, so that you can set up 8 rooms. This game can also be played at home with 2 or 3 players.

The teams take turns entering the first room. The game then runs automatically to the next rooms. Because it is an Escape room game at your own chosen location the rooms will often not be adjacent. That is no problem at all. As long as there are only 4 available rooms, you can play this game with your group.

What do you get with this Escape Room home game?

You will receive it by e-mail. In total there are 3 documents:

  • The script with explanation for the game master and of course all puzzles and solutions how to escape from this Escape room.
  • 3 documents with all necessary materials for the puzzles in the rooms, you can print these yourself. The script will explain how.
  • Digital score form, where you can keep track of the playing times of all teams.
Escape room home game materials

Some of the materials

What do you need? 1 phone with Wi-fi or 4G per team and pen and paper. And a lot of cleverness and fanaticism to escape in time. You need a phone per team in order to receive hints. And who knows, you might even be able to contact the gang leader by phone.

Can't choose between our games? We have a special offer for you. Take advantage of our super deal, where you get a discount on your 2nd, 3rd and 4th game. 

Group game with more than 16 persons?

Playing the Escape Room with more than 16 persons often means a long wait for many of your group members. Especially larger groups often choose another game, for example our Murder Game or the Pub quiz are often played by large groups.

A murder game can easily be played with 40 people and in consultation with more people. The Pub quiz can be played with any number of players. So if you are with more than 100 people, no problem.

Would you like more information? Feel free to contact us, even in the evening and during the weekend.


Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about our Escape Room home game. If you cannot find the answer and you still have a question: we are available most of the time (also during the weekends). Ask your question for example via the app: +31683777853 or via e-mail: We are happy to help you  :-).


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Escape room home game