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Do you want to play brain teasers, picture riddles, rebus puzzles or just a quiz? What are you in the mood for? Here you can go crazy with all those nice puzzles. Sometimes very difficult, but also often really easy to do. But then again... what is easy for one person, is difficult for another. We can tell you, there is something for everyone. If you like maths puzzles, word rebuses or funny puzzles, we have them all. Have fun!

Several times a week we post one of these picture riddles on Facebook and Instagram. The number of stars indicates how difficult the puzzle is. How many stars can you handle? Or do you prefer to play a quiz? Challenge your friends, colleagues, classmates or family with these fun riddles and quizzes.

Have fun playing!

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Free Quizzes

Would you rather play a fun quiz? We have it all. Go to the free quizzes on our site and challenge others. Each quiz has ten questions. We have selected different quiz themes for you. How many of the ten questions did you get right? Can you answer all ten correctly? Super smart!


Free e-book picture riddles

A super fun overview of no less than 54 picture riddles and brain teasers with, of course, all the answers. Easy and difficult. For maths experts and logical thinkers. For young and old. In short, a super handy book for the real puzzle fans! Download it now for free.

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Are you looking for picture riddles in other languages? Since we sell all our group games in various countries, we have also translated the riddles and puzzles into various languages. Take a look at our other sites:

Do you have your own nice picture riddle? Then we are naturally very curious. Will you let us know? We wish you lots of fun.